about us

The world through our favorite things: food, travel, fly fishing.

Julie and Christoph first met while attending a Masters program in food studies in Italy in 2013. Ever since, they have made a life of exploring the world through food and culture–and whenever he can, fly fishing.

Julie was born in the United States and has a background in baking, recipe development, and food writing and editing. Christoph, a German from Bavaria, is part of a family of food photographers and cookbook writers and worked in the hotel industry in Asia for several years. They are currently based in Berlin.

Food and travel having brought them together, Julie and Christoph are constantly in pursuit of their next meal and travel itinerary. The recipes and destinations you’ll find here can sometimes be time-consuming to make or get to, but, in their opinion, almost all things worth discovering take time and a dose of patience. Follow their adventures here for inspiration and ideas of what to eat and where to go next.