Bavarian Mountains

Just a few photos of a very short trip to Bavaria in August 2011.

These photos are taken at an alpine mountain hut in the Allgäu somewhere southwest of Munich. The Kenzenhütte as it is called offers food and drinks for hungry hikers as well as rustic accommodation for this who want to spend the night.

It is not accessible by car but from the small village of Halblech the hike is only about 3 hours. You can choose between an asphalt road or more windy hiking trails.

The whole region of Ostallgäu by the way offers great outdoors activities such as hiking, biking, sailing, skiing, ice skating and a whole lot of culture. The world famous “disney castle”, Neuschwanstein is only 15 minutes by car from Halblech.

Apart from that Füssen is about 20 minutes south-west on the B17. Füssen is a gorgeous medieval town that is, amongst other reasons, worth visiting for its century long history of violin and lute building since 1562. Just briefly why exactly this craft came to flourish in exactly this town: For one it was supported by the nobility and the clergy in the region. Secondly, the maple and especially yew trees are abundant in the surrounding alpine valleys. Thirdly and perhaps most importantly Füssen was built on the old Roman Via Claudia Augusta connecting Venice (in the south) with Augsburg (in the north), two great centers of music and the arts.

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