Snowy Portland 2015

IMG_5100Coming from the foothills of the Alps, I am not new to snow. Bavaria gets its fair share of precipitation every year, accumulating up to anywhere between 35-55 centimetres over the course of a winter–or at least in the valley where I grew up, at about 850 meters above sea level. Up in the mountains where the snow becomes deeper and deeper, the skiing is great.

In the winter of 2015, we lived in Portland, Maine. This was going to be the first full winter for me un the US. I had experienced a snowstorm in NYC the year before, just on a brief visit. Back then, the snow melted almost as quickly as it fell. Yet the city seemed to be struggling with the seemingly surprising arrival of the storm.

IMG_5101The big storm of 2016 was announced heavily by the media: Several warnings went out for New England, people were advised to work from home, and schools were going to be closed. In Portland though, it seemed like everyone was ignoring the warnings. It turned out that the panic was lost on the Mainers. Maine was just a lot more used to the amount of snow that would fall, and just better organised at removing it from the streets.

IMG_5111Over the three or four days of precipitation, a tremendous amount of snow fell; some areas in our neighbourhood were covered in about 120-150 centimetres of snow.

IMG_5122We wanted to share some photos taken in Portland during and after that long period of snowfall.


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