Aldein / Aldino

Aldein (Aldino in Italian) is the poster child of a picturesque South Tyrollean alpine village. About a 45 minute drive south of Bolzano, it sits on the side of a mountain at an elevation of 1,225m, facing southwest. Its population of 1,670 inhabitants is spread over the village itself and several surrounding hamlets. Aldein was first mentioned in official documents during the 12th century.

For those staying in Bolzano, Aldein would make for a great day trip exploring the Alps. And it’s a less challenging drive than to Fennberg, for those interested in a shorter journey.

The Gasthof Krone would be my choice for lodging every time again. The old farm building has been owned by the family Franzelin since 1720 and its original walls and structure has not been changed since. The very thick stone walls are very typical, and in summer keep the the interior of the building nicely chilled; in winter, they act as insulation against the snow. The traditional fixtures and furniture of the region, just like at the Krone, are handcrafted of local pine wood and metal–everything is built to last. The dining rooms of the inn are traditional alpine Stuben – small and cozy wood-paneled rooms with real wood burning cockle stoves.

The view from the village is just spectacular and worth the journey alone. Very interesting to stroll to is the village church and its cemetery with its ornate steel crosses. St. Helena was first mentioned in 1309, which also documents the clergy’s importance as the landowner of the plateau it is located on.


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