Norway 2016

This summer I was fortunate enough to travel to Norway – a country I had never been to before but heard many good things about. My very good high school friend Piotr who moved to the south of Norway several years ago was on paternity leave so we decided to take this opportunity to spend some days exploring the lakes and rivers of Østfold. I visited in mid-June and due to the far northern location of Norway the days were very long. Sunrise was at about 4:00 and the sun only disappeared behind the horizon after about 10:30 or 11:00 which allowed us to spend a tremendous amount of time outside hiking along rivers and lakes.

We mainly fished the lakes of the region with rather mixed results. But isn’t fishing about so much more than catching the most and biggest fish? It was absolutely amazing to explore the Norwegian outdoors and to get away from it all. What really is great about that corner of the world ist the minimum of human interference in nature. Motor boats are few and far between and their use is very restricted which allows for that sound of nature to really be absorbed by all senses. The lakefronts have very sparsely populated – unlike for example in the USA where lakes are lined with mansions and crowded with power boats.

In a separate post I wanted to share our experiences on a rather famous stretch of river known for its salmon annually returning to spawn.


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