In a nutshell: We hadn’t caught much for three days. No trout, no pike nothing. So we thought we would raise the stakes a little. This particular river in southern Norway receives migrating salmon and it turned out the season had just started when I visited so we went and got ourselves the licenses to attempt to catch salmon. Emphasis is on attempt. Really what were we thinking? After not even having caught the abundant pike in the region we thought we could catch the elusive atlantic salmon?

Well none of us did. Instead we got to hike along this gorgeous stretch of river and were lucky enough to see the occasional salmon rise just to disappear back into the depths with a splash.

Yet, on our last day together in Norway at about 10:30pm we caught the below shown pike perch. Only through rising water temperatures fish like the pike perch or the hungry pike thrive in the depicted rivers. As the Norwegian authorities are managing this river actively for the return of the salmon it was only fitting that we removed the extremely predatory fish, deboned it and ate it before it could feed on the already scarce salmon spawns.

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